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Versailles and Montmartre!

Camille en France

Yesterday morning, my roommates and I woke up and enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, which serves croissants, baguettes, and coffee to guests. We met in front of the hotel at our usual time (8:45) to meet our guide, Josh. We piled into a very official-looking van with tinted windows (for VIPs only, we were told) and embarked on a very active day.

Josh first took us to Montmartre, an elevated neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris with a beautiful church. While it is now a fashionable neighborhood with adorable cafés and desirable homes, Montmartre was created during Gaulish times. Because of its elevated position relative to the rest of the area and it’s proximity to the Seine, Montmartre was a strategically sound spot.

The church at the top of Montmartre is unique and covered in symbols. A massive structure, the church contains the largest mosaic in Europe. Both the mosaic…

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