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The Piette time machine


I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and so I am sharing the above photo because it reminds me of the beach where Shell Cottage (that’s Bill and Fleur Weasley’s house for all you Muggles) was located. In reality, I took this picture from the top of the Château d’Amboise in the Loire Valley. It’s amazing to me how looking down upon the city of Amboise from the height of a castle had the ability to transport me to a world of magic.

The picture below shows another photo I took from the same lofty château. This photo shows the rooftops of the many buildings below and it transports me back in time to the 16th century. I have had little experience with the type of architecture and communities such as those in the Loire Valley and so I love this picture. The small villages that house these huge chateaus are so cozy. Cars are sparse and streets are winding.


The Piette trip promised to take us back in time so we could experience a bit of what life was like for those in centuries past. Not only has the Piette trip done this but it has also transported me to the places of my imagination.