Past Contributors

AshleyAshley ’16
I have never been out of the country, so I’m excited to go to France, especially because I take French and can’t wait to use it! In terms of the history part of this trip, I’m most interested in the medieval portion of the trip because of my interest in the Middle Ages. Along with that, I’m super excited to go on my first archeological dig as well. I grew up learning about all the great archeologists – Indiana Jones and Dr. Dig – and I can’t wait to be one myself! Read Ashley’s past posts >>

BennettBennett ’17
When I am not doing schoolwork, some of my favorite hobbies consist of wrestling (in which I was a varsity starter and national qualifier), hanging out with friends, and making videos. I’ll definitely be shooting a lot during this trip, with the goal of making a film that will give people a real taste of what the trip was like. I’m especially excited about this trip because I have been taking French for four years, and I think an experience like this could really further my capacity with the language.

CamilleCamille ’15
I was born in Australia, live in New York City, and became interested in French when my family traveled briefly to Paris when I was in middle school. I was enthralled by the sound of the language and fascinated by the French culture. While I have been learning French since the fifth grade, I have not been to France since I began learning the language, and I am very excited to finally have the opportunity to apply what I have learned to real situations. I cannot wait to explore the caves, beaches, castles, and towns, as I am very interested in history and art history, and how both pertain to our lives today. Read Camille’s past posts >>

HailleHaille ’15
I have taken French for almost three years now, and I am very excited to finally test it out! I have always wanted to travel to France and this is the perfect opportunity to get to explore all of the art and history it has to offer. I am a little nervous that it will be uncomfortable at first, not knowing the language fluently, but more than anything I am excited. There is so much to learn and so much I am looking forward to experiencing. Read Haille’s past posts >>

Indiana-cropIndiana ’17
I’ve been to France three times, but I haven’t traveled far from Paris or Courchevel. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the countryside, as well as getting to sightsee. I’ll also be working on getting rid of my American accent… Read Indiana’s past posts >>

JacobJacob ’16
I am a day student at Andover and have never been to Europe, unless you count Epcot. I am excited to be able to practice my French and experience French culture. My interests in archeology began while working at the Peabody Archaeology Museum on campus. I’m looking forward to exploring France and doing field research with my fellow classmates and teachers. Read Jacob’s past posts >>

James-cropJames ’16
I have never been to France, or even outside of the country, so I am extremely excited to learn about the French culture, both historically and socially! I can’t wait to view the beaches of Normandy, as I am very interested in World War II, and the archeological dig will be an entirely new experience for me, though I expect that I’ll thoroughly enjoy it. Read James’ past posts >>

MichaelaMichaela ’16
I am really excited to be back in France this summer! I went with my grandparents three years ago, but we only stayed in Paris. I am very excited to see the different parts of France and experience French culture, especially Normandy. I am in my second year at PA and cannot wait to use the French I have been learning in the real world. Read Michaela’s past posts >>

SamanthaSamantha ’16
I have never been to France before, and also have taken a break from French to study German for the past two years. I am so excited to spend 17 days with some awesome people and to soak up as much of the country as possible. And hopefully brush up on my French as well! Read Samantha’s past posts >>

SharanjitSharanjit ’16
This is going to be my second time traveling to France but my first trip did not explore the same amount of places that the Piette trip does. I’m excited to visit all these places, but I’m especially excited to visit museums in Paris. I also take French as my language at PA, so I’m glad I get to work on my speaking skills over the summer. I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Read Sharanjit’s past posts >>

Nile-Blunt3Nile Blunt
Instructor in History and Social Science
Having traveled extensively in France during my time living in the UK some years ago, I am thrilled to return to France once again! As a European historian, I am looking forward to working with our group to explore, interpret and better understand the long and fascinating history of this wonderful country. Read Nile’s past posts >>

Stephen-Porter-cropStephen Porter
Director of Public Information and Web Content
I have traveled to Paris twice before during my days as a magazine editor, and I am excited to have this chance to see so much more of the country and delve deeper into its history. For the most part, my job will be to hide behind my cameras as I document the trip and serve as social media consultant. But I expect I’ll be as excited as any of the students once we start exploring the small medieval towns and Paleolithic caves. Now, if I can just dust off enough of my college French to be useful… Read Stephen’s past posts >>


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