Our Piette Travelers

Alexandra-KimAlexandra ’17
I have taken French for four years now and am thrilled to have the opportunity to experiment with new language skills and explore such a different and extraordinary culture. I have been to Paris before with my family, where I was mesmerized by a world of delicious food and beautiful language, however I have never really travelled to other parts of France, and I am interested to see how other regions differ from each other and from Paris. I love art, art history, and language, so I am excited to see how so many of these separate aspects connect and culminate on this trip.

AnnikaAnnika ’18
I am a 9th grader who has always loved travel and experiencing a window into other cultures. Although I was fortunate to travel to Paris with my family a few years ago, it did not sate my curiosity about France and its culture. I look forward to seeing other parts of the country, especially the South of France. While I have studied the French language since elementary school, I am eager to apply my knowledge to everyday situations. I am fascinated by archaeology and I adore all aspects of art, architecture, and language, so I am keen to see how the trip will interweave these disciplines. I can’t wait until it is “Bon voyage!”

Avery Avery ’17
I currently live in London, but my family never seems to stay in the same place for long. My interest in archeology is what especially excited me about the trip. I have visited France before as a tourist, but the Piette Program offers a unique and rare opportunity to look behind the scenes and converse with experts in the fields of archeology and ancient history.

CarolineCaroline ’16
I am a three-year Upper from North Andover, Massachusetts, with a few passions overlapping with the offerings of our trip! In particular, I was drawn to the Piette Program by its interdisciplinary offerings of French language, culture, and archeology, and I look forward to approaching our experiences from a creative perspective. I cannot wait to explore France alongside everyone on the trip!

elizabathElizabeth ’16
I’ve always wanted to study in France ever since I started studying French six years ago. I’m really excited to test out what I’ve learned and see how it goes. I’m also looking forward to seeing the things I’ve learned about in person and experiencing the culture firsthand.

Katherine-Wang Katherine ’17
I am a rising 11th grader from Northern New Jersey, and I’ve never been to Europe. Ever since starting French in seventh grade, I’ve always wanted to experience the art and culture shown in my French textbooks. I love French music, poetry, films, and architecture, so I know this trip will be a fun adventure that I’m lucky enough to experience.

Larry-PanLarry ’17
Hi, I’m Larry and I’m a two-year lower. I decided to go sign up for the Piette trip because of how it tied together my interests in art and French. I’m looking forward to the museums and being able to practice French!


sophieSophie ’17
I have lived in Saudi Arabia for the past six years and from this experience I have been able to have the opportunity to travel around the world, including France twice. The interdisciplinary focus of the trip along with the opportunity to further explore a country I love drew me to this program. I am really looking forward to having a chance to practice French, while also learning more about France’s history, archaeology and art.

Sophie ’18
I’ve lived in Indianapolis, IN; New Orleans, LA— where I started learning French— for three years; and in Lawrenceville, NJ for seven years; before coming to Andover. I signed up for Piette because it is not only my first opportunity to visit France, but also for the unique perspective it has, and the opportunity to apply French in an interdisciplinary setting that’s totally new to me. I’ve enjoyed art in numerous forms for my entire life, and as I’ve studied history in school, I’ve been especially interested in art’s role. Archeology is new to me, but it overlaps so deeply with these interests, so I’m excited to see how it enhances the trip… and to try something new!

SkylarSkylar-Sallick ’17
In my mind, France has always been my place; the place I would say without hesitation whenever someone asked me where I wanted to travel. Recently, I have had the opportunity to spend some time in Paris with my family and to explore what the breathtaking city has to offer. I am more than excited for this trip to get a different perspective on the city and to explore the deeper depths of France as a country and as a huge player in world history. I love art history as well, and I look forward to reflecting on the different ways in which historical events have been portrayed in art throughout French history.

TessaTessa ’16
I’m a one year upper from Wilmington, North Carolina. I’ve always been intrigued by French language and culture, but I’ve only had the opportunity to take French classes since my arrival at Andover this past school year. Though my experience with the language isn’t extensive, I’m thrilled to be able to learn more about French culture and history- and especially cuisine- through this trip.

Claire-Gallou-cropClaire Gallou
Piette Program Director, French Instructor
Born and raised in France, I have been teaching French at Phillips Academy for seven years. The Piette Program is the culmination of five years of work that begin in 2009 when the Musée d’Archéologie Nationale in St-Germain-en-Laye contacted our Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology to inquire about some Piette Pebbles it had in its possession. In July 2011, former Peabody Director Malinda Blustain and I flew to France to return artifacts, which led to the idea of crafting an interdisciplinary tour of France. All that work pays off on June 11, when the first group of Phillips Academy students will hop on a 747 to Paris. I cannot wait to take students on this trip back in time, from the 20th century to the Paleolithic era! I look forward to their impressions as we ask ourselves about human history and our roles as present-day global citizens.

DebraPickeringDebra Pickering
I can’t wait to accompany this year’s Piette team on their trip! France is my second home. It is the country that adopted me straight out of university at age 22, and where I proceeded to live for the next 20 years, marrying a Frenchman and raising my two children, Louise and Jeremy, until they were aged 9 and 12 respectively. Since leaving France for the USA in 2007, it has been my dream to ‘spread the word’ about this beautiful and historical country, and to pass on my passion for its language, its culture and its people. This dream is coming true, not only through my teaching of French to young people at Phillips Academy, but even more so now through being able to guide some of them in person in their discovery of the country at first hand.

Ryan-WheelerRyan Wheeler
Director of the Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology
Prior to coming to Andover, I was a stay-at-home dad. Before that, I was Florida’s State Archaeologist and have always had a deep interest in the intersection of archaeology, heritage management, and education.


2 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. I am jacques Gallou, the father of Claire Gallou
    In french
    J’ai suivii votre voyage sur le blog et je vous engage à continuer sur ce chemin
    Profitez -en
    Je sais ce que représente ce voyage. Profitez.en
    Il y a encore plein de choses à voir en france,
    alors prrofitez de votre voyage pour faire le plein.

    Bien à vous
    Jaques GALLOU

    1. Quelle bonne surprise!! Merci d’avoir visité notre blog, cher Papa. Je vais essayer de publier une entrée en français bientôt… Demain, les Eyzies!

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