Making Tools

Blog Post #4
Despite having been involved with the Peobody Museum since the beginning of my Upper year, I’m not sure what I was expecting for the archeology portion of this trip. Thus, our time with Professor Sebastian Lacombe on Wednesday was a pleasant surprise. Our morning was divided into a lesson on prehistoric tools, time spent surveying a plowed field for artifacts, and a follow-up meeting observing and discussing what we collected.
During the lesson on prehistoric tools, all of us became instantly enthralled with the hands-on aspect of the archaeology. To demonstrate methods of making tools, Sebastian showed us flint, which is a type of rock suitable for various uses. In his demonstration, a harder and blunter rock was used to chisel away at hunks of flint called “cores”. One by one, we passed around the materials, and tried it out. Most of us were able to break off sizable pieces of flint! With our new tools, some of us carved fallen sticks into spears; I, personally, worked on an whittling an arrow. As someone who teaches archery, I found this process insanely interesting, because it really hit the demonstration home for me.
In all, I really enjoyed the archeological portion of our trip!


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