Piette reflection

Reflection on my project:

I have been collecting pictures of pottery for almost two weeks now, and have gone through many stages of ideas for the focus of my project. At first I thought perhaps I would center my project around different time periods of ceramic, and later I thought that maybe specific regions would be more relevant. And now, I think that maybe I should focus on the usage of pottery. After exploring multiple museums and finding some ceramic in the field today, I have started to realize that ceramic wears many hats; sometimes it is simply something practical, and other times it is 100% decorative. This is something that I find fascinating, and would love to explore more deeply. Does the usage of ceramic depend on time period or the culture of a certain region? Does it depend on access to certain materials? Does it depend on other art? Perhaps this focus is just as broad and confusing as my other ideas, but I think it is fascinating and could tie everything together.

Reflection on the Piette trip:

It feels too soon to be reflecting on this trip because it is hard to believe that it is almost over. However, looking back, I am not only reflecting on specific moments that stand out to me, but group and personal growth. I remember arriving at Logan airport, and how our whole group felt awkward and non-cohesive. I remember wondering how our group of twelve would bond, and what it would be like to spend over two weeks together. As a group, we have come so far. Not only have we created a family tree with designated family member positions (including the adults), we have had countless conversations and countless laughs. I am so grateful to have become closer to certain people who I did not know so well before, and being able to travel around France with this group has been a truly unique opportunity. In terms of personal growth, I love that my sense of history has expanded. From amazing visits to the inside of caves to “talking rocks” history has not only deepened, it has become more tangible; something that perhaps is not so far away and not so irrelevant, but something that is extremely important to our lives today.


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