Château de Commarque!

On Saturday we went to the Commarque Castle where we explored and walked through the castle ruins. Although it was scorchingly hot in the sun, we were all equipped with some form of sun protection and water. It was also surprisingly cool in the shade of the castle’s stone walls. Near the end of our tour, we approached the tallest tower of the castle. It required 140 steps to reach the top, and we all joyously took on the challenge. The stairs turned into a spiral at one point and we had to be very careful not to slip.

We finally reached the top, and the view was definitely worth the climb. I definitely feel myself getting out of shape day after day of really good food…

The entire time I was marveling at how well-preserved the castle (built in the 16th century!) was. I can’t imagine the skill it takes to carve and put together giant blocks of stone (especially that 140-step tower).


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