Piette 2015 Day 7

The Piette Program can be seen as a series of moments.  And each of us in the family (you will now see Piette students refer to their team of 12 as “The Fam”!  They even designed a family tree) is touched by different moments, in a life-changing way.  That is one of the major goals of this trip.  Some of us were struck by 2000-year-old beautiful armors at the Musée d’Archéologie Nationale last Friday.  Some of us stopped in our tracks at the Louvre.  Some of us were enthralled stepping into Monet’s gardens.  Many of us were moved to the core by the WWII American cemetery and Caen Memorial.  The point is that being here, being in the place, makes a difference that no book, no 3D video can match.


And then there is the culture that surrounds all these moments.  Each meal is an experience.  Each adventure on the metro creates memories.  Each stroll around Paris added a piece to our puzzle, our experience of the City of Light.  Ask the Fam, too.  They will want to tell you about the shower gel in the Ibis hotels (“Bubbles Inside”), the unforgettable 7am run on a Normandy beach, seeing French school children walk around the museum with them, the variety of food in the grocery store, the presentation of the ice-cream, our gigantic black bus, etc., etc., etc….




IMG_2856Expect to see them come back…  different!



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