Paris: something old, something new

These past few days in Paris have been a whirlwind of food, walking, and beautiful sights. The struggle to fight off jet lag has become increasingly easier as the days progress but occasionally the trip feels more like a competitive seat finding mission. These first few days have been a race to fit as much sight seeing into the little time we have.

I am the only student on this trip not taking French. Granted I took it for a few years in middle school, but I am more than a little rusty. Even when I took French, I had challenges with speaking. That being said, I have not faced any extreme difficulties so far. I have found that a majority of the people we have encountered in this beautiful country speak enough English to make transactions pretty painless and easy. As one of our guides said, Paris is a city for tourists. Many times I heard English used as the common language of two non native speakers. Due to this luxury us native English speakers have, many of us do not learn new languages. I have been very impressed by the proficiency the Piette fam has shown in French. Even I have been surprised by the amount of French that has returned from being here for a few short days.

Paris has a classic fast paced city feel. What distinguishes it from other cities is the history that is woven into the modern city scape. One quick turn from the bustling shops is Notre Dame. Through an archway you’ll find ornate palaces turned museums. This atmosphere can only be found in Paris and is just as new and excited every time I visit, but for now it is off to explore some roads less travelled.


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