Fun in the Louvre 

On Sunday morning we were given two and a half hours to explore the maze that is the Louvre. In order to use our time efficiently, the group of us devised a small scavenger hunt in which we tried to find famous works of art, such as the Winged Victory and Mona Lisa, and take selfies with them. As we moved from one scavenger point to another in smaller groups, we adopted a slower pace to appreciate the exhibits along the way.

As we were moving in search of the Venus de Milo, Alex and I found ourselves in a magnificent display of ancient Egyptian and ancient Mesopotamian art. We stopped at another fairly famous piece, the Human Headed Winged Bulls from Mesopotamia. Looking at the Bulls, I thought about how we revel at what mankind can accomplish with such advanced technology nowadays. Today we can get a message to someone on the other side of the world in seconds and print 3D pacemakers that restart human hearts. But looking at the massive and intricate Bulls, I thought about how amazing man’s accomplishments were without technology. The Bulls are over four meters tall and intricately carved out of two single blocks of stone over 2500 years ago, essentially made with just a blade. That’s pretty awesome too. 

I’ve also added some pictures that I made into a collage of us in one of the sculpture sections of the Louvre. I think it’s safe to say we enjoyed our time there.



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