First impressions

Something I’ve found interesting during our first few days in France is the metro station. In my mind, I didn’t imagine France to have too large of a population, so I was surprised to see the subway so crowded during rush hours and even during noon. Getting on and off the subway reminded me of the subway back in Beijing, as the metro is just as popular as a method of transportation in Beijing. I also noticed that due to the time it takes for the doors to close, several people will claim a spot inside the subway, only to decide to leave moments before the doors close.

These subways have taken us to most of the exciting landmarks in Paris. While walking around has at times been very tiring, the places we’ve gone to have rewarded us with truly amazing sights. From the cafés on the street to the Louvre, we have already seen a lot of Paris. Lunch at the cafés have been a great way to practice our French. I have also enjoyed traveling around Paris with our guides; Josh gave us an incredible amount of information with each turn we made in Versailles. Though we only have one more day in Paris, I’m excited to spend it with our group!


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