It’s All about the People (II)

Hmm…  Yes, it was all about the people.

Sharan delved into art everywhere, asked fantastic questions, and didn’t seem to mind the dirt at all!  Here she is gazing through the train window on the way to the MAN.


Jacob absorbed so much new information during the trip.  He was curious and focused everywhere.  He was also very helpful at the gîtes!  This is on the roof of the MAN.


Haille was everyone’s friend.  Attentive and meticulous, she applied herself to all tasks at hand and allowed the group to shine.  Here she is on the roof of the MAN.


Thank you Mr. Porter for documenting the entire trip for posterity!  In this photo Mr. Porter enjoys our lunch at a wonderful bakery in Amboise.


Camille became friends with most adults on the trip!  Her fluent French allowed her to delve deeper and absorb French culture.  I can’t help but post two pictures, because of their revealing contrast of reflection and fun. One is on the terrace of the Musée de Préhistoire (listening to Dr. Wheeler), and the other, well…



Here Dr. Wheeler talks to Camille about prehistory and museography, on the terrace of the MNP.  Dr. Wheeler was our ambassador in all places related to prehistory and archaelogy.  His willingness to share his knowledge and engage with all kinds of administrators and experts on the trip was amazing.


Not to mention his cooking skills!  Ok, I can’t help but to post another portrait from a dinner at the house in Ariège…


Got a history question?  Ask Dr. Blunt!  He helped students understand details of historical paintings as well as remember major facts before visiting WWII sites.  And the students were never bored on the bus with Dr. Blunt around!


Sam did not hesitate to do her workouts with Camille at 6:30am in Ariège, and then chat about history and art at breakfast.   Here she is at dinner in Sarlat.SpSum2014_530

James did everything on the trip: focus on the visits, cultivate friendships, and entertain everyone with a wonderful sense of humor.  Thank you JT!  This is at dinner in Sarlat as well.


Thank you Ashley for your historical eye and eagerness!  Here she is at Peyre Blanque in front of the Pyrenees.


Indy had very interesting insights into the places we saw and people we met.  Her critical thinking was most helpful and made our conversations more fruitful (remember that WWII group discussion after dinner at the Ouistreham hotel?).   Here she is (second from the right) digging at Peyre Blanque.  She was good at avoiding cameras…


Chef and archaeologist Michaela got so much out of the trip and showed enthusiasm for all meals and hands-on activities we encountered.  Here she is professionally digging at Peyre Blanque.  She had the most impressive quadrant — look at that stone sticking out, part of the mysterious construction we helped uncover!


Yes, it was all about you people.



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