Public Service Announcement

So, as it says in the title, this is less of a blog post than a public service announcement regarding Gap Yah. First of all, there are multiple videos in the series: Gap Yah, Gap Yah 2: Afterparty, and Gap Yah 3: Intahnshup. It was made by an Oxford graduate named Matt Lacey, who said of the series, “It’s a satire on the great number of people who seem to be leaving these shores to vomit all over the developing world.” There is also a music video. You’re welcome.

It’s been real, guys. Actually, it’s been AHMAATHING. None of us were quite sure what to expect when we met at the airport, but we definitely bonded, Jell-O-fashion. On one of the last nights, at the gîtes, we were all talking about how far we had come from that day at the airport. Don’t be a stranger, everyone. And have this picture of Jell-O.


(This was exhaustively researched on Wikipedia).


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