The Petite Program

Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, in the earliest part of the summer, the Parker twins, Gwen and Steph, were preparing to go on their first trip out of the country – a school-sponsored trip to France called the Petite Program. They had applied to the program in December and had been preparing since March and couldn’t wait to leave. School ended and they flew home to Virginia where they and their mom bought and packed everything they needed.

Finally the day came when they were leaving. They and their mother woke up at 0DARK:30 for a flight from Richmond to Boston. They arrived in Boston with enough time to wander around the city and mentally prepare for their upcoming adventure. Eventually, however, the time came to see the girls off so the twins and their mother returned to the airport.

They arrived at the airport early so that they could have one last dinner together before the girls left. They eat and they laughed, but soon they finished and had to wait in front of the Air France counter for the rest of their group. About 20 minutes after they had sat down and were quietly reading and playing on their phones, two boys checked into their flight. They came and sat down next to the Parkers and one phoned his parents to tell them their flight had been delayed until 11pm. Mrs. Parker, being who she is decided to get up and find out if that was the same flight the girls were on. Unfortunately, it was and so, the Gwen decided to call Dr. Trottier, the main chaperone and the chaperone in charge of culture, to inform her of the major delay in the schedule.

Rather than calling herself, Gwen decided to give the phone to Steph because she was able to break the news more softly. Steph told Dr. Trottier, who was in a van with many of the other people on the trip, while other people began arriving. By then only three people had arrived: Logan (who had 3 brothers), Susan (the best-dressed day-student on the trip), and Virginia (the only Freshman on the trip). After that the rest of the group arrived, and the fun really started.


*A note: this story is partially fictional (the names mostly, to protect people’s privacy). Also, the story will be in several parts, this is part one. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.


One thought on “The Petite Program

  1. Definitely an interesting way to shine some light on your trip, but I think the twins’ mother should have a more prominent role in the pre-trip adventures.

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