DSC_0689Since our return from France, I have been plunged into a six week rowing program that has left me missing our funny family. My team traveled for 5 hours in a bus to a regatta in Saratoga last week, and I was laughing to myself about all the hours I have spent in busses this summer. But this one was blue and definitely not as cool as our obnoxiously American red French bus driven by the one and only Christian. So I sat in the back and was fully expecting Dr. Blunt to pop his head out from the seats explaining how board he was, or someone to poke an already snoring JT… and I found myself missing all of our crazy adventures and especially our inside jokes. I cannot tell you how many times I have used one of our catch phrases and gotten some pretty weird looks because no one understands. So, I have decided to list out a few of my favorite ones.

Boys Gite: No shoes no rules


Literally dying right now

Shut up JT

Guys, we have to find a gelato place here.

I’ve seen donkeys run

Santander or Santander?

God Damnit Peter


Absolument pas


This is…stupid.



And by the way, I took this picture on the morning we left the Gites, the only day we ever saw the sun the whole time we were there. I miss all of you, and hope that your summers have been amazing. I can’t wait to see you all again in the fall


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