One of my favorite moments of the trip was during our last day in Paris. It was just a little moment, something that made my day brighter. We had some extra time before we had to meet up with the rest of the group for dinner, so we took a detour to the Love Lock Bridge. We spent about five minutes making fun of the comically large heart-shaped locks, the obviously expensive engraved ones, the ones that the vendors not 10 feet away were shouting about, until someone spoke what a small part of each one of us was thinking. “How many of these do you think have actually lasted?” After a few groans about ruining the moment, someone else said, “but actually though.” We all nodded, facing the depressing truth. But then I saw this little red luggage lock, no bigger than a 1 euro coin, and it made me smile. D and J used whatever lock they could find just to leave their mark…no matter how small.Image



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