Standing where they once stood

When visiting places like The Palace of Versailles and the different châteaus it’s hard not to picture the individuals that once lived there simply just walking around. As you go from room to room you see all of the empty furniture and scuff marks on the walls and entry ways, indicating the presence of those who actually lived there lives in this space and among these objects. You get a feeling that you might not necessarily get from simply looking at a picture. A feeling of life and relevance and appreciation, and little bit of awe or, at Versailles especially, a lot of awe.

Looking at a picture of a marble staircase in a pamphlet or book probably won’t result in any sort of life altering experience, but walking down one is a completely different story. Walking down steps at Versailles and placing your feet where the marble has sunken in over years of wear, introduces the incredible possibilities of who could have stepped exactly where you have. It all seems so far away until something triggers the presence of something as simple as walking around. It makes you think about how much has happened and, as beautiful as it is, how little is actually left behind.


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