The Piette photo gallery

ImageThis is not so much a post as an announcement. For the past seven days, the students and adults on this trip have graciously been allowing me to hover about them like a gnat, photographing and videotaping their every move. It’s all part of a plan to create a record of the trip that will help describe what it’s all about to future potential participants. After the trip is over, I’ll be writing a story about the trip for the Andover magazine and putting together a oouple of videos. But I am also putting together a photo gallery, and that is already well underway. I’ll be posting more photos to it almost every day, so it will be a work in progress until the trip is over. But if you’d like to start viewing the photos now, you will find them in The Piette Program gallery of the PA SmugMug site. If you see something you like, you can just right-click on it to download it.


2 thoughts on “The Piette photo gallery

  1. I went thru the photo gallery and looked at all 172 photos and they are SPECTACULAR!! You are an amazing photographer and I loved each and every photo. THANK YOU for sharing them! BTW, I am Michaela’s Aunt.

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