Today we went to Le MAN and, for me, the highlights were the Piette room and our trip to the roof. After a slightly winding trek up to the private Piette room, we were all excited to finally go inside. It was a small room, but completely filled with glass cases of artifacts. The cases were tightly packed with artifacts such as La Dame de Brassempouy, bone and ivory spear heads and needles, and animal carvings. It wasn’t until walking around a little that I found the three separate cases of the painted pebbles lining the walls of the room. It was cool to know that the pebble we had at the Peabody at P.A. for so long would be going in one of these cases, back with the rest of the collection20140614-204633-74793010.jpg. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the room, but I took a picture of the cast of the La Dame de Brassempouy from earlier in the museum.

Later, we were taken to the roof of Le MAN, and it was absolutely beautiful. The view from the roof was incredible and French garden was stunning. The lines of perfectly shaped trees shading pathways next to the forest area looked calm, quiet and peaceful. I wish we had the opportunity to walk around it a little bit, but we had already seen so much and were on a tight schedule. The sight alone was amazing. The castle itself was beautiful as well. Through the intricate carvings and small details such as the locks on some of the doors, you could feel how special it was.


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