Food is fun

As you know from my earlier post I am exploring the world of food. So far much of the Parisian food I have eaten has lived up to what I read on the internet. We have eaten in a lot of bistros and cafés. Breakfast has been baguettes with butter and jelly, croissants, and juice. But the jelly is not like the loose kind we have, but it is like jello. Most of our dinners have been at the typical french bistro. We have eaten, pork, beef/veal roll ups, sol(fish), with copious amounts of potatoes and breads. The desserts have been delicious!! We have eaten crème brûlée (my personal favorite), chocolate mousse and apple tart.

Today we did some power sight seeing. This morning we went to Montmartre, hotel d’invalide, saw the facade of the cathedral where Napoleon Bonaparte, Eiffel Tower, arc de triomphe, champs élysées, and place de la Concorde. After lunch we took a tour of Versailles. This chateau is wicked! There is a lot of gold and velvet and glass and crystal and marble and paintings and gardens and people.

Anyway the trip has been fabulous thus far!


4 thoughts on “Food is fun

  1. At Versailles, did you notice there was no privacy for the royals? I remember the food…any pate yet?

  2. Cam, Lizzie and I are sitting in Cam’s room missing you! We hope you are having a great time on the trip! Cam says eat a ton of chocolate for her and lizze says to eat some macarons! ❤

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