One long day…

I can now say that I have figured out how to survive in Paris’s Metro and train network. After going back and forth a few times, between delayed trains and visiting the restoration lab and returning the Piette pebble, we were on our feet quite a bit. We took a train out to le Chateau de Saint Germain, home of le Musee D’Archeologie National (le MAN). We spent the whole day in Saint Germain, exploring many of the rooms and galleries in the old castle. However, after our visit to the restoration labs, exhausted, one of the curators told us we had one more place to visit. Some very tired looks were passed around, but we begrudgingly agreed. And after passing through a long gallery, two ropes, climbing 5 flights of stone steps, and through a locked blue door, we came out onto the roof of the chateau to an incredible view of the city. Let’s just say it was worth the walk.


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