I first heard about the Piette program in the closing weeks of fall term. It was a particularly hot Friday, seventh period. I sat in Dr. Blunt’s history 200 class as the horribly configured Sam Phil heating network was continuously blasting hot air into the already sticky room, making all of us forget about the advancing winter… But as soon as he pulled out the poster I couldn’t believe what an amazing opportunity this was… I knew, no matter what the outcome, I had to try and apply. Remarkable chances such as this do not present themselves very often, and looking around the room between one kid falling asleep and another not-so-stealthily packing up his bag, I saw Ashley and Michaela light up as much as I did. The more information I got about the trip, the more excited I became, and with such a great group of both students and teachers, this is going to be an unforgettable experience.

I am going to be documenting the adventures we have through a series of photos and poems, two of my favorite things, and cannot wait to get started. With such a busy year, I have not gotten to write as much as I would like to, so I am extremely excited to get back at it again. I have traveled to a few different cities in Europe and found each one more inspiring than the last, with amazing people, art and food. I’m ready to start exploring a new place!!


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