A new experience

Believe it or not, I’m not nervous at all yet.  I’ve never been out of the country before, today is the big day and for some reason, I’m not nervous about anything right now.  I’m more excited than anything else actually.  I’m excited to finally be going to France.  I’m excited to learn more about a culture that I honestly don’t know that much about.  I can’t wait to get involved with archeology, which is another experience that I have never had before.  The idea of visiting all of the marvelous museums in France, two fourteenth century towns, and a twelfth century castle absolutely blows my mind.

I’m even more eager to work on my history project throughout the course of the trip.  My project will consist of developing a journal from the perspective of a time traveler from the future as he visits each time period that we visit.  This is not the typical format of a history project, so the fact that I am able to work on a more creative based project makes this a different challenge for me than what I usually encounter at PA.  The challenge of this project is just one of many experiences that I am more than ready to gain.


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