Trip to France: The beginning

Considering we are leaving tomorrow evening, I am beginning to feel a bit nervous. I usually am nervous before I travel, so this is nothing new. However I have a new stress this time around. I am not only packing for Piette, but also for a cruise that will follow immediately. I am now, at 11:33pm, frantically trying to make sure I have everything in my suitcase and carry-on. I can only hope that once we get to the airport and take off I will have everything.  Despite the fact that I am in a bit of a panic mode, I am super excited for the plane we will taking to France. These planes are massive!!

While we are in France we, the students, are going to be working on individual projects to help enrich our experience. I am going to be exploring the world of food. I have already gotten the broad food cultures in each region we are going to. For instance in Normandy there is high quality seafood, apples and apple products (calvados, cider) and in the Loire Valley there is quality fruits, cherries, melon strawberries. They are also known for their fish and wild game. Food is my jam, so I am super excited.

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3 thoughts on “Trip to France: The beginning

  1. I can see you now with your own cooking show specializing in the food of France. And you can say it all started with this program. Watch out Barefoot Contessa — here comes Michaela hosting Cooking in High Heels!

  2. Wow, Michaela, sounds like you will have a busy summer! And you have chosen the best subject for your project! Bon appetit! Try and find some ‘rillettes du Mans’ (in the Loire valley you should be able to get these) – let me know what you think (a specialty from my husband’s region and where I used to live, just north of the Loire valley).

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